Zika Virus in India threat

 Zika Virus threats in India

zika virus india
Zika Virus


  Biggest zika Virus outbreak in the history of India. 120+ cases have been tested positive for Zika virus in Jaipur a big city of India in Rajasthan. In Delhi union home minister appealed people not to panic & given assurance that the zika Virus outbreak is under control.

 The ICMR( Indian Council of Medical Research ) national center for disease control and DGCH( Directorate general I of health service ) are monitoring the situation .Continuously.

 Zika Virus in India

 Know about Zika Virus

  Zika virus is transmmited By Ades Aegyypti and Ades genus mosquitos that also carry dengue, chikanguniya viruses.
 It’s name came from the Zika forest of Uganda where the virus was first isolated in 1947. It is RNA virus.

 Worry problem for India ?

 It causes birth defects and nerurological problems in newborns which can be a problem given high birth rate in India. Since, India provides fertile climate for the ades Aegypti mosquitos to grow & multiplyy & outbreak situation iss possibile.
 The mosquito also carries dengeue & chikanguniya viruses that claim hundreds of lives and infect thousands every years.
 There are no vaccines or cure for Zika virus.

 Symptoms of Zika Virus ?

 High fever, Rashes, Joint pain, Head and bodyache, Conductivity

Causes of Zika Virus


 Is sexual transmission possible ?

 Sexual transmission of this Zika Virus can occur. The transmission has been reported from infected men and women to their sexual partners. The virus can be transmitted through anal, oral or vaginal sex.

  Zika Virus in India ?

 Zika Virus Diagnosis

 Diagnosis of Zika Virus is dependent on the duration of symptoms ever since the patient presented. If the patient presentss in the first two weeks, real-time poolymer chain reaction (PCR) is used for diagnosis of Zika Virus.
 It is very sensitive and specific molecular method which is done by taking blood test.

 How to keep safe from zikZ Virus ?

 In high risk areas suuch as damp, garbage area, which can be home for mosquitos. Make sure you wear full clothes. Use mosquito repellents in the house regularly. Ensure that your surroundings are clean. Zika Virus causing mosquitos are more aggressive during the day and maybe found in indoor spaces.
Zika Virus suffered child
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