Uyghurs Muslim Community in Xinjiang Province China.

Uyghur muslim community
Uyghurs Muslim community are facing lot of Problem in Xinjiang Province

Nighteen Eighty-Four Book

George Orwell book
Uyghurs Muslim China


  Uyghurs Muslim community are facing lot of Problem in Xinjiang Province China Dystopian a novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. He imagined in the book that all the movement of the particular region are in control of government. Meaning of Dystopian is totalitarian where person don’t want to live in the region. In china imagination of this book became reality in case of Uyghurs Muslim where they are highly under surveillance of Chinese government in Xinjiang region. In China people are hourly checked by Police on the behavior, it is irritating case tto the Uyghur. 

Iberian Peninsula River Salinisation

Recent development

 China is funding to  construction of counter-terrorism base in northern Afghanistan(Badakshan region)
 The purpose is to block cross-border infiltration of the ethnic Chinese Uyghur militants in region.
  China would provide a financial support to build the base
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The Uyghurs

 The Uyghurs community are a Turkic ethnic group living in the East and Central Asia. Today, Uyghurs live primarily in the Xinjiang provinse.
  Uyghur is a Autonomous Region in the People’s Republic of China.
 The Uyghur are ethnically diverse than Han. Xinjiang province is a mountainious and the culture of these regions people is different to that of other part of China and these people follow Muslim religion whereas, most of Chinese people are atheist.

Xinjiang territory


 It is China’s largest province. Xinjiang is bordered with eight countries including the former Soviet Central Asian republics, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
 The region experienced very brief period of independence in 1940 but, China regained its control after the Communists took power in 1949.
 It is autonomous region but, it is on paper mostly you will see interference of central government.
 The province is Rich in natural resources, economic development in the region has been accompanied by large-scale that’s why immigration of Han Chinese took place largely.
 Many Uyghurs complain of discrimination and marginalisation by the Chinese authorities. Anti-Han attitude and separatist sentiment has become more prevalent since the 1990, flaring into violence on occasion.
 As we see, China-Pakistan is under development annd for this most of Han community community comming to this region for jobs etc. But, the development took place in the region, mostly jobs got to Han community and not to local Uyghur community. China fears that if actual power through jobs is given to Uyghur then, they might demand for separate country like Tibet under Dalai Lama. The weak thing of the Uyghur is they don’t have leader.
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Go West

  The Xinjiang’s crisis is a result of growing discontent amongst Uighur people that was fuelled by China’s domestic policy in the region. Many of the Uighurs has grievances that are driven by ethnic, religious and cultural factors.
 They can’t keep names of their children based on their Muslim religion. The logic behind it, they may become hard religious.
Intentionally the population of Uyghur is being decreased by government.
 Interesting thing is that Muslim countries like Pakistan, Turkey do not take any action as they are tied up with economic relations.
 The intention of China is not against Muslim. The government wants peace in that province and people should comply with chinese government.
 The development, from the 1950, of mineral resources and the opening of the region for cotton production, brought an influx of ethnic Chinese which dramatically altered the province’s ethnic balance.
 In 1949, Xinjiang had 3.2 millions Uighurs muslim community population and only 140,000 Han Chinese. Now, of the total population from the region, 40 per cent are Han, and only 47% are Uighur. Uighurs fear they might soon be significantly out numbered from their own region.
 In an attempt to close the difference of gap in income and wealth terms between the rapidly growing eastern coastal provinces and the western China in 1999 Chinese former President Jiang Zemin launched the Western Development campaign, It is popularly known as “Go West!”.
 Jiang’s plan at that time focused on massive infrastructure investment in Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regions, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Guizhou provinces and Chonqing municipality which total 56% of China’s land area and 23% of Chinese population The results in Xinjiang province of the campaign show an impressive record of achievement on the part of the China’s Authorities.
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 “War on Terror” No iconic leaders to Uyghur muslim communityUnlike the Tibetans, however, the Uighurs are Muslims, and they do not have at international level iconic leader like the Dalai Lama who can campaign and raise awareness on Uyghur communities behalf.
 So it was the complete analysis of situation of Uyghur Muslim Community in China.

Uyghurs Muslim

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