US puts Pakistan and China religious freedom violation Backlist.

    Recently, on the basis of Religious Freedom Violation, US puts Pakistans and China in blacklist under the International Religious Freedom Act 1998.

Religious Freedom

US puts Pakistan and China in Religious freedom violation Backlist

What happened ?

      On 12 December 2018 US Backlist 10 countries including China and Pakistan under severe religious freedom violation. Minorities are not safe in these country and they are regularly attacked  and pressurised  by majority religious groups.
     The US secretary of state Pompeo Mike said that 10 countries Pakistan, China, North Korea, Iran, Iritrea, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Sudan are now considered as ‘countries for particular concern’ under the act of  ‘International Religious Freedom Act of 1998‘. We know that China has major issue of Muslim where these people are kept in Camp. The government of china want the Muslim should be at bay from their religion/rituals. In Pakistan main issue is related to balsphemy where the recent hot topic of Asia Bibi case is in the news. The Christian are oppressed and attacked in Iran. North Korea has communist ideology where all religious freedom violation is being taken by government. Eritia is in news where Muslims are majority and the Christian don’t get as right as Muslims. Myanmar has infamous issue of Rohingya.

International Religious freedom Act, 1998

       It is also famous act like CATSA.
       The act was signed into law by US president Bill Clinton on 27th October 1998.
        In 2002, Gujrat riot happened under Narendra Modi government then, he was banned to enter US in 2002. Now he is the only person under this act was banned and the ban automatically removed after becoming PM of India.

US statement

    Mike Pompeo said, “In many places all over the world individuals continue to face arrest, harassment or death while simply living there own life in accordance with their belief”. In such kind of oppression the US government will not stand, said 
      Promoting and Protecting international issue is among the top foreign policy priority of US administration.


     Under the act US made 2 list 1) Blacklist 2) Watchlist.  In case of watchlist US observers the condition of minorities.
     In the beginning of 2018 US kept Pakistan on special watchlist under ‘Sever violation of religious minorities’ 
    Now, on 11 December 2018 Pakistan kept in blacklist under this act. The US government removed Uzbekistan from the blacklist and placed in watchlist. Russia and comoros like country also kept on the special watch list.
       Along with country you will also find militant oppression under this act, like Islamic state group, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab.

What will happen ?

      The downgrade means that Pakistan like country could be hit under the US sanctions. Although, Mike Pompeo waived those punishment in the US natiional interest.

Why Pakistan is blacklisted ?
     Sam Brownback the US ambassador said at large for International religious freedom that the decision to designate/regard Pakistan is the result of Criminal Balsphemy law in the country.
      He also quoted that nearly 50% of prisoners world’s population jailed for balsphemy is in Pakistan. US has specially refered Asia Bibi Case for this move.

Pakistans response

    In response to the religious freedom violation to the US government Pakistan rejected the ‘Politically motivated and unilateral pronouncement‘ of US and suggested that US should introspect over exponential rise of Islamophobia.
    Pakistans human rights Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari said US ignoring religious intolerance of India where their are many issues.
    The timing of US move to blackmail Pakistan is in the wake of Pakistan opening the Kartarpur Corridor for the Sikh of India.
     Overall Pakistan became isolated from this move as Pakistan facing economical problem. They want loan from Saudi Arabia and IMF but IMF has condition to disclose CPEC corridor documents then only will give loan.
      We hope you will have understood much about religious freedom violation act of US.


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