UN Security Council Permanent members GK Trick

UN Security Council Permanent members

    UN Security Council Permanent members GK Trick

 UN security council permanent member gk trick to keep in mind easily forever so that they can go with high confidence in exam.

संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ सुरक्षा परिषद के ५ कायम सदस्य है| यह सभी द्वित्तीय युद्ध के समय के जितनेवाले बाजू के सदस्य है|

     इन्हि ५ देशों के पास Veto Power है|

Permanent members of United Nations Security Councils were allies of World war 2 of winning side. Only these 5 permanent members have Veto Power, which enables them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of it’s level of international support.

(Note-: UN Security Council has 15 Members Cuontries out of which 10 are non permanent members)

   5 Permanent members of UN Security Council (संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ सुरक्षा परिषदेचे कायम सदस्य)-:

      1) Russia  2) France 3) China

      4) USA .      5)UK


Legislative Council States GK Trick

    G.K Trick is based on the great “Usain Bolt”

    G.K Trick-:Run For Chase Usain Ustad.

  Run-:Russia, For-:France, Chase-: China, Usain-:USA, Ustad-:UK

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