Topless women’s Photo sent WhatsApp, UK Councilor suspended

 Topless women’s Photo WhatsApp, sent UK Councilor suspended

Topless women

Topless women’s photo whatsapp  sent by Pakistani-origin councilor from the UK  in women’s WhatsApp group is suspended.

What is the issue ?

A Councilor from UK sent topless women’s photo in WhatsApp group of women during meeting is suspended. It was demand to suspend him immediately as what he called ‘honest mistake’ according to media report.
      He is Pakistani-origin councilor in United Kingdom. In this issue BBC reported that Mohammad Maroof councilor from Sheffield City posted the topless image of woman on what’s app group named as ‘Mums United‘. A pettiton on knife crime is presented by the whatsaApp group founder Sahira Irshad  that he sent picture to the group.
        Maroof stated that he he was very embrassed and appologised what honest mistake is done by him and also has been suspended by the labour Council pending an investigation, according to the report.

How the incident took place ?

While, describing the topless women’s photo sending incident Marrof said, he was trying to attach video of Arshad’ speaking video but by mistake he attached  the topless women’s photo in WhatsApp which he had received a day before in the morning according to the LD reporting service.
     He also said that after understanding his by mistake he immeadiately  told in that group to delete it by mistakely sent by Maroof . Further stating, this is my private phone and I received So many messages and that messages automatically saves my device such a setting is set up and the image is one of them.
      Someone have sent me this topless photo. It is likely that in the morning photo may have sent to me and went to my mobile device storage said, Maroof.
     Maroof came into flash light because of topless women’s photo shared in WhatsApp, but their are many whatWhat group who share such things all over the world. Admin should carefully handle such WhatsApp group.
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