Situation of government Job in India & Politics behind Job issue.

Government Job
Job situation in India

Situation of Government in India. Government job is one of the the lucrative job consider today’s youth of India. In rural areas parents of child’s hammers on their brain about the government job from childhood saying that “Mera beta/ beti collector banegi or police banegi or Shikshak banegi. The mindset of not only rural people but also urban people is same. Recently TOI published an article on job issue in India and penchant of youth. I don’t remember exactly data but, it is is said by urban youth that they want government job. It  view of 65% of youth & In rural areas about 75% youths want government may be it is 4th class job or Chaprasi but they wanted it.

Why youth want government job ?

  1.  Government Job consider the most secure amongst other job in the market & also time to time Governments facility is provided to them with good holiday facility announced by particular government, public sector department. So these are the main reasons that the youth of India wants government job.

  Previlage of Government Job employee in Society

  •  Yes, there is previlage of gvovernment job employee in Society than private sector employee that is why even if government job employee of class 4 is liked by parents of girl for her marriage in Indian society. It is the privilege of lowest employee but look at the other lucrative job in government such as IAS, IPS, CBI, Income tax Officer etc. These jobs have good salaries, Respect in society.
  •  Situation of government job and Population
  • Present situation of jobs creation got down to slow. Anyone can visualize specially country like India where is highest population. We know India is 2nd in this case but who knows it may 1st place because it is on the basis of 2011 census.

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Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Youth want jobs but biggest corporator or agencies in private sector, public sector or even in hoverngove services technology like robotics is being infused indirectly to remain in global era. So obviously if If machines can do work of 10 person single handedly without tiredness it is boost to particular ownership. So owners can make multiple profit. But at the same time jobs are eaten by machines & it’s reality.

Who is responsible ?

    • It is easy to say jobs are not ctreated in much quantity. Government of country or particular state not taking interest in this thrifty issues. May be government diluting jobs towards private agencies. These are Assumptions of common people & may be true but single handedly government is not responsible. We are also culprit of this situation. We don’t give emphasis on job creation of the. There should be a separate ministry for this work which can reveal the situation of jobs.
    • Moto of politics should be around not focused totally on farmers or military . Common people should also come in that flow.
  • Ironical thing is that many youth don’t get government jobs but in some cases you will find some person got 2 jobs. Ex. For military service after retirement also have jobs etc.

We hope we are able to express enternal pain of youth who are preparing for Government Job and they know Politics and situation behind job vacancy

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