Is Saturn losing its Rings? NASA latest report and study on planet Saturn.

Saturn rings

       Saturn loosing Rings ?. Recently NASA published in tits report  that Saturn will lose its Rings in upcoming 100 million years. Saturn is 2nd largest and has  large Rings than any other  planet of Solar System.



      The sequence of planets from sun is Mercury, venues, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. So Saturn is 6th planet from sun. From Mercury to mars these are rocky planets and Jupiter to Neptune are gaseous planets.


  •      In term of size it is 2nd largest planet of our solar system. It got name after the Roman God of Agriculture. Saturn is a gaseous planet. It has got distinct look because of it’s Rings.
  •       The Ring of Saturn are basically debri.
  •       There are many theories how Saturn got rings ?. Some says that Comet, asteroid, meterod etc. would have passed from Saturn and colloid it with Saturn thats why it got debri or rings. 2nd theory says, It is part of Saturn as as time passed, the outer shell of the planet converted into Rings. Another theory says that because of  Saturn’s gravitational attraction comment, asteroid, meteroid approaching to planet colloided as a result some part revolves around Saturn.
  •       Saturn has 13 layers of rings. Saturn is not a single planet to have rings. Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter these planets also have rings but only we can see rings of Saturn from earth.
  • Important things about name of Planets
  •      In case of Mercury, it got name like this because of commerce, travel and thivery in Roman Mythology. The planet moves so quickly.
  •       The Roman goddess of love and beauty is Venues. Venues planet got name from it as it makes a beautiful sight in the sky with only moon and sun are brighter in our solar system.
  •       Earth is the only planet whose name doesn’t derive from Roman or Greece mythology. It is mixture of German and English language.
  •      Roman God of war is Mars.
  •       Jupiters name is also  based on the king of the Good of Roman mythology.
  •       Uranus, the earliest Supreme God and the ancient Greece deity of the Heavens.
  •        Roman God of sea is Neptune.
  • Why Gas Planets have Rings ?
  •      The planets which are gaseous are also called as Jovian planets are Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune.
  •      All the outer planets have rings but only Saturns rings we can see, because it reflects on Sun and has biggest ring in our solar system which is 175000 miles.
  •      The reason to have rings to outer planet is they are far away from sun where there is more debris and these planet have more mass, So they easily attracts asteroid, meteroid, commets. To explain it the Roche Limit is the best way to understand.

The Roche Limit

Roche Limit

      The Roche Limit is a distance from center of celestial body where tidal forces are strong. If any celestial body e.g.asteroid, commet, meteroid approaches this distance will be deformed immeadiately and it’s varying orbital speed would cause it to form rings around the particular body.


       It is believed that the birth of Saturn is around 4 million years ago. Now it is said that the rings around Saturn got 300 to 400 million years ago.

      NASA recently published that the belts or rings of Saturn will be vanished in upcoming 100 million years.


     Rings of Saturn are mostly chunk of water ice ranging in size microscopic dust to several metres across.

     The rings are being pulled into Saturn by the gravity of Saturn. The result of it rain like dust particles of ice falls on Saturn. So, this process will go for 100 million years and simultaneously these rings will be vanished.

Other Facts of Saturn

  •       Saturn has 62 moon (natural satellite) of Saturn.
  •        Titan is biggest natural satellite of Saturn and also 2nd largest in our solar system . Noticeable thing is that it is also larger than Mercury planet.
  •        Biggest natural satellite of Solar System is Ganymede of Jupiter.


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So it was completely analysis of why Saturn will lose its Rings in upcoming years scoreacco to NASA report published.

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