Does site Pornography ban in India ?

porn site ban
Pornography sites ban issue

  Pornography ban India ?.Recently government of India has directed internet service provider to ban pornography in India total 827 websites that keeps pornographic content like video, audio, photos following an order by Uttarakhand High Court. Sites include Xvideo, Xnx, pornhub etc.

Note-: The Uttarakhand high Court has asked to ban 857 pornograbhy websites, interesting thing is that, the ministry of electronics and IT (Meity) found 30 portals without any pornographic content.

 The ministry of electronics and IT asked the department of Telecom (DoT) to block 827 websites named in the list issued as part of the order.

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Ban of Porn Sites

 The Indian government banned access to all sites which keeps pornography in 2014.
 Kamlesh Vaswani the lawyer behind the ban on Pornography site in his pettiton said watching porn itself puts the countries security in danger,  encourages violent acts, unacceptable behavior in society, exploition of children  and lowers the dignity of women and he believes watching online pornography has a direct co-relation with crimes against women.
 For some Time, after this pettiton pornography was banned in India but several protest, thoughts of democracy brought pornographic sites again in flow also could have cost 30-70% data revenue to internet provider companies and it was also violence of article 21 [ right to personal librarty ]

No clear laws on Pornography in India

 There are no specific law on regarding with pornographic content in India, however watching porn in private is not a criminal offense.
 However storing or publishing images of child sexual abuse is punishable in India.

Should Porn be banned ?

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 An infamous name Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who raped and killed at least 30 women. It is speculated that body count is actually much higher possibly even in the hundreds said behind media. He was given death of electricution by chair by US Court. In his last interview Ted Bundy said whatever he had done it was an effect of Pornography and thoughts of sex in his mind.

Aftermath of Ted Bundy
 In the US
 A 33 different studies of 1995 analysis showed that viewing pornography increases aggressive behavior including violent fantasies and even actually committing violent assaults.
 A university of new hemisphere also study showed that states with the highest relationship of pornographic magzines like Playboy and Penthouse also have the highest rape rates.
 In 2016 Utah governor Gary Horbert signs resolution calling porn a ‘Health Hazard’. Here almost pornography is banned.

Is India alone taking such a step ?

 India is not the only country trying to control pornographic content there are many Countries.
 In 2002-2003 china banned pornography.
 The Nepal has also banned pornography in 2018
 Recently country like Uganda also has taken step to stop pornography.
Thanks to the High Court and government for taking sense of serious issue of pornography ban in India. Please share this article for awareness in society………
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