ISRO new Ground Station in Bhutan, satellite technology know more.

      ISRO new Ground Station in Bhutan is being made. The ground station will track satellite data and data reception facility.   Basics       India is setting up a satellite tracking and data reception technology centre in the Himalayan country Bhutan (Thimpu).      The Indian Space Research Organisation’s ground station in Bhutan will be a double

China Economic Slowdown it’s impact on India and Economy.

      China Economic Slowdown is big concern at international level. Impact of it on Indian economy we will look here. RECENT DEVELOPMENT    China’s economy grew 6.6 percent in 2018, its slowest speed in almost 30 years. Confirming a slowdown in the world’s 2nd largest economy that could threaten global growth hardly.    After some year of breakneck expansion, the

UN Security Council Permanent members GK Trick

    UN Security Council Permanent members GK Trick  UN security council permanent member gk trick to keep in mind easily forever so that they can go with high confidence in exam. संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ सुरक्षा परिषद के ५ कायम सदस्य है| यह सभी द्वित्तीय युद्ध के समय के जितनेवाले बाजू के सदस्य है|  

Legislative Council States (विधानपरिषद राज्ये) in India GK Trick

Legislative Council States in India GK Tricks Legislative Council GK Trick of Indian states, which is a favorite question in competitive exam asked on Legislative Council.     7 States which has Legislative Council in India called as ‘Vidhanparishad’.      These States are-:   1) Jammu & Kashmir   2) Karnataka   3) Telangana  

G-7 Countries GK Trick to easily Remember countries name.

G-7 Countries GK Trick        G7 countries GK Trick to remember names all 7 country with use of daily life example of girlfriend and boyfriend.    Information-: 1975 में G-6 countries का group बना था। 1976  में Canada इस group में शामिल हुआ तब यह G-7 countries का group कहलाने लगा, फिर इसमें