Legislative Council States (विधानपरिषद राज्ये) in India GK Trick

Legislative Council States in India GK Tricks

Legislative Council GK Trick of Indian states, which is a favorite question in competitive exam asked on Legislative Council.

Legislative Council GK Trick
Legislative Council states GK Trick

    7 States which has Legislative Council in India called as ‘Vidhanparishad’.

     These States are-:

  1) Jammu & Kashmir

  2) Karnataka

  3) Telangana

  4) Andhra Pradesh

  5) Maharashtra

  6) Bihar

  7) Uttar Pradesh.

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Trick-: J.K.TAMBU

  Here, ‘J’ for Jammu and Kashmir ‘K’ for Karnataka ‘T’ for Telangana ‘A’ for Andhra Pradesh ‘M’ for Maharashtra ‘B’ for Bihar & ‘U’ for Uttar Pradesh.

  Note-:Go by such a type of Sequence so that there will not be any hesitation to remember.

   So, How was Legislative council GK trick ? For more GK Tricks follow us & also you can watch ‘Vikasanshil ‘ YouTube channel.

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