Italy’s Competition Authority fines Facebook for Selling users Data.


      Italy fines facebook. Competition authority of Italy has fined Facebook 10 million euros ($11.3 million ) for selling users Data without informing them.
      When we update our profile on Facebook like name, birth date, photo, mobile no, education, job, religion, political views, comments, like, post such a data is sold by Facebook said the competition authority of Italy.
       We should know that, by using like, comment of route on any social media human behaviour can be understood easily. We upload Facebook profile on for betterment on social media but it is not safe as profiles are being sold to Political party or company to use in commercial market or to change perception.
      Right to privacy violation by social media platform like Facebook. If we are using Facebook like platform, it means we are compromising with our privacy policy without reading term and conditions.
      Competition authority of Italy said , faceFace is misleading people to sign up without informing them. The Data is being used by Facebook to commercial purpose. Facebook doesn’t tell about the Data security and it’s privacy.

       Facebook doesn’t clearly tell people about remunerative purpose which underlines the provision of the Services of social network, simply stressing the fact that it is free.
        Facebook aggressively discourages users from to limit how Facebook tells users at the time of changing any setting telling them that it is risk doing such setting to your account.
         It is not first time that Facebook is facing such a problem of selling Data. During the period of US election there was also a lot of use of social medias influence. If you analyse the study of Kembridge Analytica there also you will find rele of Facebook to influence people’s perception and we know that perception changes into voting.

        So, it was the analysis of why Italy fined Facebook and misuse of users Data by selling to other for

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