India-Japan first joint Military Excercise 2018 in India

India-Japan first joint Military Excercise 2018 in India

       India-Japan first joint Military exccercise will  be in Indias north-east region. A ‘ Special strategic global partnership’ name was given to India-Japan relation. Also you should know as ‘Special privileged strategic partnership’ called to India-Russia relations.

What happened recently ?

          To promote military co-operation, India and Japan are all set to hold the first ever joint military exercise DHARMA GURDIAN 2018 involving the Indian army & Japan ground self defense force.

India-japan joint military excercise
Dharma GURDIAN military exercise

       Note-: In Japan they call their army in Japan as ‘Japan Ground Self Defense Force’.  The reason behind it a pressure of US after world war 2 US had put pressure on Japan to make Pacific constitution that’s why they say to it’s army as Japan Self Defense Force.

      Exercise DHARMA GURDIAN 2018

         The Indian contingent will be represented by 6 Gorkha Rifles while the Japanese contingent will be represented by 32 infantry regiment of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force.
        During the 14 day long excercie,due emphasis will be laid on increasing interoperability between forces from both countries.
       Both sides will jointly train, plan & execute a series of well developed tactical drills for neutralisation of likely threats that may be encountered in urban warfare scenario.
        Experts from both sides will also hold detailed discussion to share their expertise on varied operational aspect.

India and Japan have Close Military Ties

        They have shared interests in maintaining the security of sea-lanes in the Asia-Pacific and Indian ocean and in co-operation for fighting international crime, terrorism, piracy and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
        The two nations have frequently held joint military exercise and co-operation on technology. India and Japan concluded a security pact on 22 October 2008

About the Security Pact

        Japan and India have declared themselves ‘Special strategic global partnership’ Japan signed a security declaration agreement with India in 2008, only the second of it’s kind, outside the Japan-US security treaty, after the security declaration made with Australia in 2007.

India-Japan Friendship

         Japan is heavily involved in India’s infrastructure development projects. More than US $10 billion in Japanese aid, the largest sum Tokyo has ever invested in a single project through it’s foreign aid program has been committed to build the first high-speed railway in India.
       For it’s part India is giving Japan exclusive access to it’s sensitive north-east region and to the Andaman island for the development of infrastructure facilities.

India-Japan Dharma GURDIAN joint military exercise
Dharma GURDIAN joint military exercise

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