Experience of Blogging money Earning and Future Scope.

  Experience of Blogging money Earning through monetisation. Vikasanshil is a well known blogger on Google. As you know very well than vikasanshil.com covers versatile subject with deep knowledge.

Blogging Earning
Blogging Earning Monetisation

   When I started Blogging ?

    I started to right or to write on blogger at the end of 2018. I was not able to write or understand what was blogging ?. Then I suddenly realized that why people wast their time on writing on Internet ? Are they get money from it ?.

     These are the lot of questions were in my mind. Suddenly, at midnight I was thinking about it and woke up and searched on YouTube about Blogging. At that moment I got little bit information that You can earn thousands dollar through Blogging.

     I said to that YouTuber in my mind What is fucking he ?😂😂🤣😚☺️🤗🤩😃😥😮😌😒🙄😏🤑🤯.  When I started to know more about it my face was like these expressions.

     How much money you get in Blogging ?

    As I mentioned, I started Blogging very late at the end of 2018. I was not wholly aware about it I started to writting on googles free blogger platform blogspot.com. 

     After couple of day I got Information that You should take custom domain name like .Com, .in, .org etc. Because these domains will give you boost in your traffic.

    After one month my friend told me that to earn money and proper SEO you should go to WordPress.Org where you can manage your brogger or website according to you. 

    But, here you have to spend more money than Google blogger platform 😞😟😟. I am already beggar in that case spend more $😁😂🤣🤣. But, I decided to move WordPress.org and moved my blog on that platform.

     Now 2 month gone in this period I wrote already 70 post but while transferring data I lost my previous backlings and some post. The loss was huge as my site traffic reduced much more.

     Taking WordPress knowledge and to get AdsenAd approval I got another 1 month. Means in 3 month I totally able to understand what is Blogging.

    But, most important thing is that after approval of AdSense I earned only 1$ in first month and $1.46 in 2nd month.

    So, I became so nervous after talking experience of Blogging. I was looking forward towards Blogging as my career.

    Is it Possible Blogger as a Career ?

    I am the osnowner Vikasanshil and Job NMK website and I told you story of me. I got nervousness in first 3 month. If you are thinking about Blogging keep it as 2nd option. Right now I simultaneously do Blogging and Job. That’s why I am not failure nor successful in this. I write on Quotes , articles, current Topics and news.

     There are many blogger who are earning thousands dollar like Shoutmeloud, Mundejobs etc. But, It is not easy they worked at least for 5 years in this field and they came at that time when Competition was less. Also, you can do or become like them but not everyone.

     So,  We hope you are understood about Blogging through experience and earning.

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