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China Economic Slowdown it’s impact on India and Economy.

      China Economic Slowdown is big concern at international level. Impact of it on Indian economy we will look here. RECENT DEVELOPMENT    China’s economy grew 6.6 percent in 2018, its slowest speed in almost 30 years. Confirming a slowdown in the world’s 2nd largest economy that could threaten global growth hardly.    After some year of breakneck expansion, the

Economics reforms of China, Internationalisation of Chinese Currency Renminbi

Internationalisation of Chinese currency Renminbi(RMB), Chinese economics reforms.            Internationalisation of Chinese currency Renminbi one of the the economics reforms of China economy. Recently China has depriciated its economy by 3% and some issue aroused. What is Depreciation & Appreciation ?         Depreciation and appreciation these

Need vs Wants economics terms/concept.

 Need vs Wants             Need vs Wants economics basis terms and difference between them easily understand through following examples. Needs-: ‘stuff’ we must have to survive. (Need उसे कहा जा सकता है जो किसी प्राणि, वनस्पति इस. के लिए अत्यावश्यक है, वह चिज़ चाहिए to survive.)

What are Resources ? Definition of Resources.

 what are resources?. The things which are used to make other things are called Resources.      Means कोई चिज़ बनाने के लिए, manufacture करने के लिए जिन चीजों कि जरूरत लगती है उसे Resources कहते है।       Eg. Raw material, labour, water etc.       But,