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Srilanka Political Crisis worsens.

  Srilanka Political Crisis worsens Srilanka Political Crisis worsens as it is created by 3 people Maithripala Srisena (present president),Ranil Wickremesinghe (former PM), Mahindra Rajapaksha(present PM and former president of SL)Read More-:India-Kosovo Controversy      Overview of Srilanka Political Crisis worsens analysis      In 2015 Mahindra Rajapaksha(Srilanka people’s party) was defeated

United States birthright issue

US Birthright Issue. Donald Trump wants to end US birthright citizenship issue for children of non-citizen, unauthorized immigrants. Basis US president Donald Trump had commitlted before election and also fater it that he is planning to sign an executive order ending birthright issue of the United States illegal migrants child.The automatic bestowed