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Qatars OPEC Exit from latest burning issue from oil country.

Quexit -Qatars OPEC Exit (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country) recently, announced in 2018 that it will leave OPEC from January 2019. OPEC is organisation of the petroleum exporting country (not natural gas). OPEC has headquarter in Vienna, Austria which is not member of OPEC. The group was established in 1965. Read Luxembourg Public Transport is Free government

Luxembourg Public Transport is Free government announced latest news.

Luxembourg Public Transport in news because of free service to people. It will be first country to do so. 2018 years gift by government of Luxembourg to citizen. Luxembourg       It is a small landlocked country in Europe (western). It’s capital is Luxembourg City.        Luxembourg has neighbour country like Belgium to the north and east, France to the

US withdraws from UNESCO with Israel latest current topic.

US withdraws from UNESCO  latest current topic. a bold move again took by Trump Administration with Israel lso left UNESCO. It has reason like Palestine issue interference of UNESCO. A famous quote of 48th US president Ronald Regan says ‘For the people of Israel and America are historic partners in the global quest for human dignity and freedom. We will remain always