Blogger Custom domain name connecting problem latest news

Blogger Custom domain name connecting problem latest news

Bx problem in blogger, domain connecting bx problem

   Blogger is fully owned by Google is platform for blog writing skills, hoby, passion etc thing. In recent days blogger patform blog publishers are facing problem specially new blog users while connecting third party custom domain name url to their blog.

What is issue ?

        Blogger is a platform like worldpres or website but here difference is that it is owned by Google. Here you can write, post your blog and for that you should have blogger account. When you make a blog it comes with url If you want to customize your url instead of as .com, .in, .us, .au etc you purchase a domain name for your blog because these domain are famous and easily accessible and you connect it with your blog account
we can custom it as
     It is depend on domain name but current issue is that while connecting blog to custom domain a problem is coming as ‘bx’ problem ssayis that reload page. If you reload it then that page again goes to previous page so you can’t connect that purchased domain name.

       What are solution on it by blogger and are they helpful ?

      In such cases blogger has a blogforum which helps. But, recently no effective technique is available for it. Many new blogger are being demotivated
       Recently in Nigeria, India these are countries facing problem regarding this issue.

Bx problem in blogger

Some instructions by blogger forum regarding it

        Clear the browsing history
        Clear cookies
  But these things are not proper answer of this issue many blog holder says.

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