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Kimberly Process chairmanship to India

Kimberly Proces Chairmanship to India.      Kimberly Process Chairmanship to India recently received in December’s 2018. It is a certification scheme in diamond. Big news Kimberly process is a certification scheme. India will chair the Kimberly process which established in 2003 by a United Nations resolution to remove conflict diamonds from the

BRICS meeting 2018

BRICS formal meeting 2018 BRICS formal meeting of 2018 recently concluded on november 30th in Argentina. It was important meeting where trade war, Paris agreement on environment issue are duscussed. See more detail below….. BRICS On November 30 the head of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa met for the annual

16% Maratha Reservation in Maharashtra analysis

16% Maratha Reservation in Maharashtra analysis 16% Maratha reservation Recently Maratha reservation in Maharashtra is given by state government in education and jobs. A complete analysis given below.. What happened ?  Recently, at the end of november both assembly of Maharashtra unanimously passed 16% reservation for Maratha community uner Social and Educationally