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     Vikasanshil advertise policy-: If you think you want to do advertisement and reach towards organic or new traffic then oue vikasanshil team Welcome to Vikasanshils sponsored advertisement

Here you will easily find all the information you need to advertise on Vikasanshil blogger patform.

If this is your first visit to our blog, I recommend you that read other pages of Vikasanshil to know more about the Vikasanshil community and all that this website has to offer.

An Introduction to Vikasanshil


 I’m Pradeep Khillare – the person behind Vikasanshil – and your advertisement publisher, I am in this field for last 6 months and achived a lot what average blogger achives in 3 years

Vikasanshil was started in  2018 as a hobby and in a few months, it has become one of the most popular international blogs giving Information on current topics in simple way and showing features of gadgets also reviews of film and products. Vikasanshil has traffic from all over the world, So no need to worry or you can check our website.

This website focuses on the following themes:

  • Articles
  • Current Topics
  • GK Tricks
  • Gadgets
  • Glamorous
  • Making Money Online
  • …and all other related fields

Vikasanshil blog is growing gradually in education field, news analysis, gadgets reviews day by day. our mission is to teach all in simple manner in every section and also provide guidance of gadgets so that they can’t be deccived.

Traffic Stats

Our latest stats :

  • Daily visits: 500+
  • Daily pageviews:500+
  • Google+ Followers: 5
  • Instagram Followers :  4
  • YouTube Channel-: 1600+Subscribers
  • Facebook Followers-+ 13
  • Twitter Followers- 10
  • Telegram-
  • Monthly page views: 
  • Pinterest pageviews 1 lakh 12 thousands monthly

We update these stats every 2 months. If you have any queries or questions regarding traffic, please drop me an email.

Advertisement Rates

The rates of sponsored advertisement are not fix. It varies from situation as Vikasanshil also runs AdSense ads and comply with it’s policy. So have to give respect it also.

Product Review: 

Sponsored Articles are one of the specialties of Vikasanshil.

We not only write comprehensive reviews but also also share useful information about it. If you want to catch young subscriber to your service or product call me or email me me.

I’m a strong believer in money than feelings. I want money and you want feelings of satisfaction reaching at your traffic customer then invest in it. Our base package starts at $100. It is minimum price in market we take. Our bloggers visitors are 95% young people and are from across world.

Note-: We do not allow anyone to advertise ads on this Advertise Page. It will be violation of our Policy.

Display Ads:

It is our responsibility to publish your sponsored banner ads and articles and give maximum traffic.

        We hope you all understood the advertisement policy of

Contact us-: vikasanshildeep@gmail.cim


Mobile No-:8668268174

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